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OrgandyCrisp Petticoats
Our OrgandyCrisp Petticoats are Stiff, Crunchy and full of life!
All OrgandyCrisp Petticoats are custom made in lengths up to 23 inches with no addit'l charge & can be made any length you wish at a nominal cost of $0.50 per addit'l inch, per layer.

All Perfect Petticoats come with an adjustable waistband and are available in all of our 7 Sizes.

OrgandyCrisp Petticoat is made of the finest Organdy, traditional for Square Dancing, Clogging, Round Dancing


The traditional OrgandyCrisp Petticoat is our best selling stiff petticoat. This fun Petticoat is offered in all of our 22 signature colors and in two layers (40 yrd) or three layers (60 yrd), pending on your desired fullness.
The Photo to the left is 3 beautiful layers.

Our OrgandyCrisp Custom Petticoats with 2 layers are $99.50 and with 3 layers is $132.00  
The Price of the OrgandyCrisp Petticoat you order may vary slightly with the choices you make.

Call 407-896-4455 to order your OrgandyCrisp Petticoat Now!

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RibbonCrisp, Tailored, Contrasting Trim


The RibbonCrisp Petticoat is our premium Crispy Petticoat and has lovely satin ribbons double stitched over the lower 3 tier seams for an exciting effect. The Ribbon Trim is offered in a matching or contrasting color for a exciting tailored finish.

This Ribbon trimmed Petticoat is offered in 22 colors, and can be HemTrim'd in any of our three HemTrims, FancyFluff, SatinBind, or LameBind. It is available in two layers (40 yrd) or three layers (60 yrd), depending on your desired fullness.

The 23 inch long RibbonCrisp Petticoat pictured to the left has a full 3 layers and is $142.00
A two layer RibbonCrisp is priced at $112.00

Call 407-896-4455 to order your new RibbonCrisp Petticoat!
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Steel Magnolia is a strong petticoat and is one of our theatrical quality petticoats

Steel Magnolia

The OrgandyCrisp SteelMagnolia Petticoat uses CrispyFluff HemTrim and creates a very strong petticoat that will support a skirt that is heavier than normal.

The SteelMagnolia Petticoat also works great for Theatrical Costumes if you want a very showy, bouncy, stiff Petticoat that will hold it’s shape. The SteelMagnolia Petticoat is available in two layers (40 yrd) or three layers (60 yrd), depending on your desired fullness and it is available in 22 beautiful colors.
The SteelMagnolia Petticoat Pictured here is 23 inches long and has 3 layers and is $132.00

A 2 layers SteelMagnolia Petticoat is $99.50

Call 407-896-4455 to order yours!
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Lame Petticoat, LameCrisp Petticoat, Bright, Shinny, Crispy, Metallic, Lame'

LaméCrisp Petticoat

The LaméCrisp Petticoat is Fun & Glamorous! The LaméCrisp Petticoat is defiantly one of our attention getting Petticoats.  The last tier of each layer is finished with 6" of Lamé in any of our 9 Signature Lamé colors. The upper Seams are also trimmed with our Lamé Trim. The body of the Petticoat is made of OrgandyCrisp in the same coordinating color.

The LaméCrisp Petticoats are offered in 2 fullness’s... two or three layers. They have an adjustable waistband and are available in all of our 7 Sizes.

TheLaméCrisp Petticoat shown to the left is 23 inches long & has 2 layers. $123.00
A 3 layer LaméCrisp Petticoat that is $138.00

Call us at 407-896-4455 to order your Beautufil Shinny LaméCrisp Petticoats today!

The LaméCrisp Petticoat you order may vary slightly in cost depending on your choices.
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ChiffonSoft Petticoats
Our Soft Chiffon Petticoats move like a soft breeze!
The ChiffonSoft Petticoats are available in lengths up to 23 inches for the ChiffonSoft and 32 inches for the PrairieSoft with no additional charge.  These Petticoat are available in any length you wish with an additional charge of $0.50 per inch, per layer over 23 or 32 inches and all
ChiffonSoft Petticoat are available in 22 colors, in all 7 sizes & have an adjustable waist band.

ChiffonSoft Petticoat is flowing, graceful, beautiful


The ChiffonSoft Petticoat flowing Petticoat is our most popular soft petticoat and is offered in 22 colors, and HemTrim’d in FancyFluff and available in two layers (40 yrds) or three layers(60 yrds) depending on your desired fullness.

Our ChiffonSoft Petticoats are soft, gracious, elegant, graceful and grand. The soft supple movement on the dance floor is matched by no other petticoat when it comes to movement.

A 2 layer ChiffonSoft Petticoat, 23 inches is $97.50

The ChiffonSoft Petticoat to the left is 23 inches long with 3 layers and is $129.00

The ChiffonSoft Petticoat you order may vary slightly in cost depending on your choices.

To order your new ChiffonSoft Petticoat, just call407-896-4455 and ask for Petticoat Ordering!
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PrairieSoft is a petticoat for historical, re-enactment, history plays and shows, period theatre, musems


Our dramatic PrairieSoft Petticoat in flowing Soft Chiffon is supple, graceful and completely custom made to your specifications and HemTrim’d in FancyFluff.  The lovely PrairieSoft Petticoat can be ordered in one Layer (20 yrd), two layers (40 yrd) and three layers (60 yrd) for your own special desired fullness.

The PrairieSoft Petticoats are perfect for Theatrical use, Reenactments, Historical & Period showcases. All PrairieSoft Petticoats can be custom made in each of our 22 signature colors, come with an adjustable waistband and are available in all 7 sizes.

The PrairieSoft Petticoat pictured at the left is 32 inches long, has 2 layers and is $107.00
The three layer PrairieSoft Petticoat is $135.50 and is available with your name beautifully embroidered on the Petticoat Satin Yoke.

To order your new PrairieSoft Petticoat just call 407-896-4455 and ask for Petticoat Ordering!
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